• 2018-07-17

The Lexus TVC combines the concept of breakdancing and CG environments to show the details of the car.

In this scene of the project, we need to make the baby do a backspin, like a breakdancer. Our artist’s skills, along with a particular effort and absolute attention to detail, allowed to add inherent technicalities into the creation of the CG character.

The objective of this project was to create an identical CG replica of a specified model. What came out here is a digital version of “body double” which is a substitute for acting, “Digital Double”is. In making digital doubles, model the scan data of baby. And The artist repeated fine adjustments such as the shape of eyebrows, raising and lowering of mouth, movement of facial muscle, and we motion-captured breakdancing to animate the created baby character. We need to overcome the difference of structure of the skeleton between adult and baby to achieve the VFX work.