• 2018-07-20

In this Lexus TVC, we make CG scenes in order to create a stylish and technological atmosphere. The artists created the outstanding car for Lexus, making the scene spacious to highlight the car in the middle. We model the concrete architecture to match the smooth shape of the Lexus, which allows the two elements to complement each other.

In order to create the scene and atmosphere, we make the reflection of the car and scene to emphasize the outline of the vehicle.

In the CG scene, the artists keep natural lighting, and use the texture of concrete architecture, without any decoration, making the entire scene more impactful with the only use of the car.







It is hard to avoid the road signs and lines while the crew was shooting, which kind of soils the entire scenes. The artists painted out the imperfections on the road, to keep the clean scene, and make the shot more flawless.