• 2018-07-24

The project is a collaboration with whisky brand Glenlivet, directed by Jimmy Yu. The forest is populated with loads of butterflies, which lead the actor towards the magnificent landscape. The next shot turns to the 13-year-old Shirley wine barrel, to give the audience the impression of being able to smell the product through the TV.

In order to create the effect of the butterfly flying through the actor’s fingers, the artists created the CG butterfly. First of all, we scan and model of the butterfly; to ensure the realness and close attention to details, we found a specimen of butterfly to make the model, and applied the reaction of the phosphor powder under different light. We also rigged and animated the butterfly, and created the wings’ movement with controllers.

In order to make the butterfly fit into the environment, we carefully observed the light source, reflection, and color temperature in the environment.